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Car Install Technician Job In Spokane, Washington

Pubblicato 2021-06-09
Scade 2021-07-09
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Car Install Technician Job In Spokane, Washington
United States, Missouri, Spokane,
Pubblicato June 9, 2021

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Tipo di lavoro: Full time
Tipo di contratto: Permanent
Tipo di stipendio: Per annum
Occupazione: Car install technician

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Our technicians are passionate electronics experts and are especially impassioned when talking about the connected car. As a Geek Squad Autotech, you'll go through a full 90-day onboarding, job shadowing and new hire training to prepare you for the Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) certification. Whether the request is to install Wi-Fi, entertainment, or a security system, you're the type of person who digs right in and knows the exact product or service to meet our client's needs. You'll guide the client through their purchasing journey, easing all worries thanks to your expertise and technical skills. At Best Buy, we are obsessed with building long term relationships with our customers. Every team member should feel empowered to deliver a world-class and unique experience based on what each customer needs. Key Responsibilities - Helps drive a positive customer experience by building relationships, exhibiting empathy, and providing solutions to their needs. - Installation of technology components such as remote start, car stereos, speakers, amplifiers, portable audio, GPS devices, Wi-Fi, security and so much more - Positive relationship management to handle client appointments, provide technical advice and assistance, and sell additional products - Educates sales team and customers on services and technology related to the connected car - Maintains MECP certification and gain additional certification levels to grow your Autotech career Basic Requirements - Achieves and maintains MECP Basic Certification within 90 days of employment - Valid Driver License Preferred Requirements - Prior Retail experience - Prior experience with installing mobile electronics. - MECP Basic, Advanced or Master Certification

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    Best Buy
    Registrato il October 7, 2017

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